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Mister Nature Tours and Taxi Services
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  Discover the Nature Isle, Dominica, in all her beauty and mystery, with your personal, certified tour guide, Ken Gussie. Ken will be ready and waiting for you with his vehicle, whether you arrive by plane or boat, so you won't waste a minute of your precious vacation time. Dominica is a large, geographically diverse island offering a wide variety of activities, so why not make the most of your vacation with a fully customized tour focused specifically on your interests. No one can show you Dominica and facilitate each detail of your visit like a professional guide who knows and loves every bit of his country. Helping you avoid possible pitfalls, while enjoying your adventures to the fullest, Ken will arrange everything from your accommodations to a fun-filled itinerary based on your preferences, from "back-to-nature" to pampered luxury. If you have an adventurous spirit and like to travel alone, it is especially important to plan your trip in advance and leave the organization to Ken. He'll make sure you have an unforgettable experience while feeling confident and comfortable in your surroundings. Ken is fluent in French, English, and Creole, and he's well known in Dominica as Ken G, an author, composer, and producer of Reggae and Hip Hop music

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